Dedicated to everyone who has previously searched in vain for plans and tips for making their very own iMacquarium.

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You Have Found iMacquarium Plans

I don't sell iMacquaria, but I'll show you how you can make one for yourself.

I will not respond to requests for pre-built iMacquaria.
This is a difficult project for experienced and dedicated hobbyists.



Some people are still running OS 8.6 quite happily. Those people are approaching a decade behind the times. Let's face it -- original tray-loading iMacs are finally obsolete to the point where schools and thrift shops are turning away donations.

I tried to give away my iMac. Really I did. And if it were a late enough model to have FireWire, it would still be chugging away on somebody's desk. But it wasn't. It was sitting in my closet, unused and unloved.

So I parted it out. Some friends got parts for their still-useful iMacs and some folks on eBay and Craig's List got great deals. I make no apologies. I'm telling you this because there's a market for parts out there that could make your iMac's death worthy, keeping other iMacs running. Don't destroy a good iMac. Don't throw away those parts.


When I set out to make an iMacquarium, I wanted to learn as much as possible from those who had made iMacquaria before me. I Googled 'til my fingers were sore. There was very little information about it. There were lots of photos, but the rare bits of instructions involved ugly mutilations of the case. [TIP-02]

I'm an experienced modder and fish-keeper. I have made aquaria a few times, including MacQuariums based on Andy Ihnatko's original plans [DOC]. I have a lot of tools. I decided that to do the project right was to do it from scratch. This is would be the iMacquarium that looks like an iMac with no obvious holes or deformities that weren't there when it was a computer.

So I did it. And I'm putting the results out on the 'net. You don't have to struggle to find plans for the tank or tips for constructing your aquarium because it's all right here. If you take the time to prep and use my tips, what took me about a month can be done in a week.


Did I mention that I'm a modder? Real modders don't sit on their laurels. I couldn't just make an aquarium. I had to do something else that was both cool and useful. The Monster iMacquarium. The rules were simple. When complete, the iMacquarium must look stock; the budget was extremely limited and no critters were allowed to be harmed...

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